At VivoAnimals it is our firm belief that the ever growing burden of toxins in their environment adversely affects the long-term health of our beloved animals.  Our mission is to provide safe and effective ways to "Remove The Barriers To Wellness" giving our pets the long, healthy and pain free lives they deserve.


Vivo Animals Founder Dr. Erin Zamzow, DVMVivo Animals was co-founded by Dr. Erin Zamzow, DVM. Dr. Zamzow graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990. Her passion is understanding the solid foundations of health that are often overlooked in Western medicine, and addressing the root causes of disease and imbalance in the body. In practicing holistic medicine, she applies drugs and Western medicine when appropriate, rather than using pharmaceuticals and vaccines as the default option.

While expecting her first child, her son Ryan, she was motivated to explore the connections between health and environmental toxics, and a more 'natural' approach to wellness. In 2004, when Erin's second son, Dylan, was very young, she did volunteer outreach with the Washington Toxics Coalition and learned even more about the prevalence of environmental toxics and their impact on living beings.

With a deep understanding of holistic veterinary medicine, and a growing body of knowledge on the role of environmental toxins in human health, it became clear to her that animals are as affected by toxics as humans are and suffer the same dangers from the presence of heavy metals, pesticides and plastics in their bodies. Foundational health depended on an appropriate diet and appropriate detoxification.

In 2006 Dr. Zamzow was approached to be a consultant and co-formulator for a product line designed to support healthy, normal detoxication for animals. VivoAnimals was born and has been helping empower the immune systems of animals ever since!

Dr. Zamzow continues her veterinary practice, and lives in Ellensburg, Washington with her husband, Jeff Alm, who is also involved in VivoAnimals when he is not golfing or fly fishing. Erin has two sons, 3 cats, 3 horses, 2 dogs and 2 adorable and extremely charming pot-bellied pigs.