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Find an overview of each product and its uses below - along with links to product ingredients. Vivo Animals products are veterinary formulated and recommended.


VivoAnimals ZeoComplete Detox Products for Large & Small AnimalsWith a full-spectrum antioxidant, VivoZeoComplete addresses the toll physical stress and environmental toxins take on the body. Aging, athletic activity, and the exposure to toxins in air, water and the home create free radicals and oxidative stress on organ systems and tissues.

This is your go-to product for the support of:
  • A normal, healthy immune system
  • Healthy hooves and joints
  • Overall organ function
Organic USA grown medicinal mushrooms and Australian bush herbs make a unique and powerful blend to give your beloved friend the extra edge they need to:
  • Thrive in older age
  • Recover from injuries or surgeries
  • Combat immune system challenges

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VivoZeoClear Gentle Detoxification for Horses, Dogs & CatsDesigned for a gentle detoxification and to particularly support normal healthy digestion and metabolism at all stages of life, VivoZeoClear is a combination of:
  • Finely filtered clinoptilolite zeolite
  • Food grade diatomaceous earth
  • Antioxidants
  • Prebiotics for digestive support
Diatomaceous earth has been known to help repel internal parasites, creating a less hospitable environment in the digestive tract for less than welcome organisms. As with VivoZeoComplete, humic and fulvic acids and Nutraflora (fructooligosaccharide or FOS ) are included for extra digestive support and toxin protection.

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Vivo ZeoLite Gentle Detoxification for HorsesRecommended to support the body's normal detoxification processes, VivoZeoLite is made from 100% natural, air-filtered volcanic mineral. Zeolite's negatively charged cage structure attracts and traps heavy metals and toxins, allowing the body to eliminate through its normal function.

VivoZeolite supports:
  • The normal elimination of heavy metals and toxins
  • Normal PH for healthy digestion
  • A strong and healthy immune system
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