So happy for Petunia

I have been very pleased with the results from using ZeoComplete with our old pig, Petunia. She is an older girl with mobility issues and we have tried everything under the sun to ease her discomfort, both holistic and western approaches yet nothing helped her much. At our wits end, we were thinking perhaps she didn’t have the quality of life to justify not euthanizing her. We started her on ZeoComplete and within a couple of weeks we noticed a difference in her. Whereas before she would kneel a lot and be unwilling to move, she is now kneeling much less, can walk much more and is even climbing onto the sofa again. These are the best results we’ve had in over a year of trying other things. Seeing her out exploring an outdoor area ¾ of an acre large and having a better quality of life is wonderful. Thank you VivoAnimals!

- Aimee Takaha, Aimee’s Farm Animal Rescue, Arizona

I wouldn’t be without these products!

AnimalDefenseRescue (ADR.org) located in Eastsound, Washington is a small but efficient non profit dog rescue. The organization is represented by Annette Bowman who fully stands behind the VivoAnimals products and is an advocate for healthy and natural nutrition for dogs. ADR.org acquired wholesale status in order to be able to provide a one month supply of VivoAnimals products, ZeoClear and ZeoComplete, to each adopter. ADR.org rescues dogs out of high kill shelters in California. These dogs have generally been neglected their whole lives and had poor nutrition. 99% of them develop health issues due to lack of nutrition and care and these health issues put them at risk for euthanization. What I have seen over the years is that after a couple months of daily dosing, ALL of these dogs look healthier and bloodwork and health checks come back as normal.

- Annette Bowman, ADR.org, Eastsound, Washington

Such a difference in my horses!

I started using ZeoClear and ZeoComplete from VivoAnimals for my horses over a year ago. I am so happy with the results I’ve seen in my horses and my farrier has noticed a difference in their hooves as well. I make sure I never run out of this product, especially ZeoComplete as I give that to one horse in greater quantities before and after trims. I am a customer for life!

- Elizabeth Yensan Beaverton, Oregon

Help for my dog (in response to a trial of VivoZeoComplete)

Hi Dr. Erin I wanted to tell you directly that I absolutely love the ZeoComplete and and have kept my dog on it since the trial began. My dog Echo has had the occasional back injury since I adopted him 8 years ago when he was three years old. Two years ago he had a particularly bad time and my vet did some x rays. She told me he was going to continue to have problems and to let her know immediately if he became paralyzed. I just couldn’t accept that as his future so I ended up taking him to a doggy chiropractor, which helped quite a bit. He goes for adjustments every 3 months. But I really think it was the addition of the ZeoComplete that made a huge difference in his general health and attitude. Even the chiropractor couldn’t believe how well he looked when he saw Echo in October. Echo is energetic and happy, he keeps right up on his walks and he isn’t having accidents in the house anymore. I also put my 11 year old Chow mix, Ginger, on the ZeoComplete and she is going exceptionally well on it too. People never believe that she is as old as she is when they see her. I convinced my mom to put her elderly poodle mix on it too. Her dog passed away in December but she had some good months before she died and we are all very grateful for that. Thank you for sending the ZeoComplete to us to try Echo on. It is a huge benefit to him.

- Sara Connolly

Our old dog Cody was started on the VivoZeoComplete just one week ago

He had started to show severe discomfort when moving and sometimes is lethargic and seems depressed. With the addition of ZeoComplete to his food I noticed an improvement the first day and he has continued to move around more easily and have more energy. His eyes are brighter and he is back to playing with the younger dogs again. This is a great product- thank you!

- Dana Meier, Rogue River, Oregon

I love this product for healthy hair coats!

I have tried for two years now to get nice hair coats on my two herding dogs. In spite of high quality food and supplements, I have not been able to get truly rich brown coats on my border collies. They have always carried a bit of reddish blonde that looks a bit bleached out and dull. After 3-4 weeks of the VivoZeoClear, I see beautiful chocolate brown coats coming! This product made a remarkable difference in them. I know that coat color and shine are a reflection of internal health, VivoZeoClear is making a difference in my animals that I can see. Thank you VivoAnimals!

- Kelley Mills, Top Notch Dog Boarding, Ellensburg, Washington

One of the benefits of Vivo ZeoComplete is to support a healthy, normal functioning immune system and help manage the body’s inflammatory response. The following is an example of how that happened recently for a dog: “Our old lab, Pokey, has had a respiratory noise I describe as a ‘roaring’ sound that will show up within a few minutes of her accompanying us on our chore rounds. We have several acres and many horses to care for at least twice a day so chores can take awhile. Pokey would have a hard time keeping up with the gator once this roaring respiratory noise started. I run an equine rehabilitation and boarding facility and we use the VivoAnimals products frequently in horses- it’s my go to product for detox so I decided to try Vivo ZeoComplete with Pokey to see if it would help her. Within 2 weeks of adding the product to her food I noticed that not only was the roaring noise gone but she was happily keeping up with the gator at chore time! I have to say this was more than I hoped for and I’m quite impressed and so happy for our Pokey girl!"

- Kelley Mills, Willow Creek Animal Rehabilitation

I love this product!

When I used VivoAnimals product ZeoClearEQ on my easy-keeper, overweight gelding, I noticed a difference in his body within a couple weeks. He had developed fat pockets and his hair coat wasn’t as shiny as it used to be. I wish I had taken before and after pictures because it was a remarkable transformation. I recommend this product for anybody wanting a product to support healthy metabolic function and assist the body’s naturally ability to detoxify for their animal companions.

- Jill Gallie, Licensed Veterinary Technician, Certified Animal Massage Therapist, Ellensburg, Washington

I recommend VivoAnimals products...

To help animals detoxify from too many vaccinations and poor diets. I’m so happy to have these products available to share with my clients!

- Donna Kelleher, DVM www.wholepetvet.com Seattle, Washington

I wouldn’t be without these products in my holistic practice

I specialize in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and have a very busy practice in Seattle, Washington. I love the VivoAnimals products for detoxification, antioxidant and immune support. All of my modalities work better when the body’s own natural healing powers are supported. Thank you VivoAnimals!

- Darla Rewers DVM Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Service, Seattle, Washington

More than we hoped for

After years of struggling with feet and endocrine challenges, our dear mare Monte Lin seemed to be losing the battle to have a comfortable existence. She laid down frequently and had a poor appetite and a dull hair coat. Dr. Erin Zamzow does our horses dental work and had recently developed a supplement and asked if she could try it with this mare to see if it made a difference. Suffice it to say, the results were more than we could have hoped for and our mare had many more months of life moving around her pasture and enjoying her meals again.

- Lin McBride Beckridge Morgans Redmond, Washington

If I could only choose one product to have on hand at all times and recommend as an excellent working supplement, my choice is VivoAnimals ZeoComplete.

- Yvette O'Connor, Canine Sports Therapist