8lb Equine Bag and 1.5lb Small Animal Tub

This gentle, all ages appropriate product is a combination of finely filtered clinoptilolite zeolite with food grade diatomaceous earth, antioxidants and digestive support. Designed for a gentle detoxification and to particularly support normal healthy digestion and metabolism at all stages of life. Diatomaceous earth has been known to help repel internal parasites, creating a less hospitable environment in the digestive tract for less than welcome organisms. As with the ZeoComplete product, humic and fulvic acids are included for extra digestive support and toxin protection.


(Detoxification product which helps support elimination of internal parasites, molds, viruses, heavy metals and environmental toxins. Supplies silica, micro trace minerals, digestive support, anti-oxidants and liver supportive).

Organic Powdered Zeolite is used for effective safe chelation of heavy metals and many environmental toxins. It supports increased nutrient uptake, pH balance and proper immune function by allowing elements such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and manganese to function normally in the body.

Organic ClearEarth Microporous amorphous silica from fresh water diatomaceous earth*. Of the 10,000 plus forms of plankton based silica, our ClearEarth(used in ZeoClear), exhibits impressive absorptive and clearing properties. Its unique porous structure gives ClearEarth the highest absorptive capacity of any of the “clay” family of internal cleaners. The desiccating properties of Diatomaeous earth make it especially good at supporting normal healthy gut flora which is important for repelling excess yeast or parasites in the digestive tract

*Not to be confused with crystalline diatomaceous earth commonly used in industrial applications.

Aquamin natural sea plant calcium is a multi-mineral product which provides bioactive calcium and over 70 trace minerals for bone health and overall wellness.

Humic/Fulvic acid is a broad-spectrum viral inhibitor which can help facilitate nutrient absorption. Humic/fulvic acids are plants first defense mechanism against toxins and pathogens in the soil and can act to aid in detoxification of animal systems as well.

Nutraflora™ (fructo-oligosaccharide), is a pre-biotic sugar with a low glycemic index which aids in proper GI flora growth and balance.

Vitamin C is an important network antioxidant needed for collagen production (muscle growth) and aids in bone and ligament repair as well as providing support for a healthy immune system.

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant. It is also beneficial as a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory.

Citrus Bioflavonoids are anti-inflammatory, network antioxidants that also participate in collagen cross linking which is essential in muscle and ligament repair.

Burdock Root is eaten as a vegetable in many places in parts of Europe and Asia. This plant has been traditionally used for it’s nutrient value as well as medicinally to purify the blood of toxins and as a diuretic. It is important when using Burdock root to know that you are getting a product free of contaminants.