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Vivo Animals Veterinary Formulated Detox & Antioxidant Products for Dogs, Cats, & Horses

At VivoAnimals it is our firm belief that the ever growing burden of toxins in their environment adversely affects the long-term health of our beloved animals. Our mission is to provide safe and beneficial ways to "Remove The Barriers To Wellness" giving our pets the long, healthy lives they deserve free of discomfort.

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Listen to Dr. Erin on The Dog Show with Julie Forbes

Listen to Dr. Erin Zamzow share simple tips on minimizing toxic overwhelm in your dog's body, with Julie Forbes on The Dog Talk Show.

Customer Testimonials

"Such a difference in my horses! I started using ZeoClear and ZeoComplete from VivoAnimals for my horses over a year ago. I am so happy with the results I’ve seen in my horses and my farrier has noticed a difference in their hooves as well. I make sure I never run out of this product, especially ZeoComplete as I give that to one horse in greater quantities before and after trims. I am a customer for life!
- Elizabeth Yensan Beaverton, Oregon

"I wouldn’t be without these products in my holistic practice. I specialize in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and have a very busy practice in Seattle, Washington. I love the VivoAnimals products for detoxification, antioxidant and immune support. All of my modalities work better when the body’s own natural healing powers are supported. Thank you VivoAnimals!"
- Darla Rewers DVM Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Service, Seattle, Washington

"If I could only choose one product to have on hand at all times and recommend as an excellent working supplement, my choice is VivoAnimals ZeoComplete."
- Yvette O'Connor Canine Sports Therapist

"Whenever I need one product to clean and detoxify the body, residues from poor diets and over-vaccination, I rely on Vivo Zeo Clear.”
- Donna Kelleher, DVM

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