About Our Founders

VivoAnimals was founded in 2008 by a small group of pet lovers and health professionals and that saw a need to address the growing concern of environmental toxics and their impact on the health of our beloved non-human companions. Initially brought on board to help advise, formulate and market the products, Dr. Erin Zamzow and husband, Jeff Alm, fully took over operations of this small company in 2010.  

VivoAnimals is literally a “mom and pop”, family owned and run company and has been a labor of love for Jeff and Erin for many years as they both have busy careers outside of the company.  Making time for this little venture is easy though when we hear how the products continue to improve so many animals’ quality of life! 

Dr. Erin graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990.   She comes from a family of scientists that ranges from health care to environmental science, behavioral economics, oceanography, water quality regulation and wildlife biology.  Jeff has a degree in marketing and is the ‘organizer’ of the operation. He maintains the inventory of the highest quality, plant based, raw materials and also integrates more environmentally friendly packaging solutions into the operations and insures shipments go out in a timely manner.  

Erin and Jeff live in Ellensburg, Washington on a couple of acres with their farm family of 4 pigs, 3 little dogs and 2 spoiled shop cats, who were all rescued from various circumstances.  Lucky, the 30-going-on-10 Paint gelding still graces the pasture, hangs out with his 3 legged pig friend Buttons and, thanks in large part to the VivoAnimals products, still canters enthusiastically across the field when meals are served! They also have two adult sons and their partners that share their love for animals and concern for the planet.